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Employment Relationship During This Covid 19 Pandemic

Employment relationship during this Covid 19 pandemic

Employer-Employee Relationship

In Kenya, many employers are at a loss on how to deal with their employees during this period when Covid 19 has rendered many businesses completely unproductive or almost unproductive. The employment relationship is one that is jealously guarded by both the Kenyan and international law. To end such a relationship, or to attempt to reduce employees’ salary during this period is an avenue that most employers are pondering.

It is a dicey issue that must be handled sensitively and within the law. We at Githumbi Gachaga & Achoki Advocates (GGA LAW) will make sure that the process is smooth and without any possibility of future disputes.

Author: Thiong’o Gachaga

Managing Partner: Githumbi Gachaga & Achoki Advocates

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